January 2021
Smart Energy was preferred also by Niğde SEPP with its engineering and module quality

Smart Energy, which carried out the largest and major projects of the solar energy sector, plays an active role in the investment of plenty of new SEPPs established in our country. Also in Niğde SEPP project which was realized in Yeşilgölcük by Aden-Bayen-Muges-Buges included within the organization of Akfel Holding, the engineering services (EPC) and new generation modules of Smart Energy were preferred. The Smart Solar brand Phono Solar 375 Wp MonoPERC modules will increase the efficiency of Niğde SEPP which has total installed capacity of 4.641 kWp.

Smart Energy, operating for the development of the solar energy sector with its projects in the country and in abroad, carries on providing substantial contributions to the national economy as the domestic module producer with both its sense of value engineering and quality. Smart Energy, which made important collaborations in the SEPP projects established in diverse regions of Turkey, enriches these investments with its new generation solar modules. The formation of Aden-Bayen-Muges-Buges included within the organization of Akfel Holding also preferred Smart Energy as its solution partner in Niğde SEPP which was established as licensed in Niğde-Yeşilgölcük and which has total installed capacity of 4.641 kWp. Smart Energy, being one of the leading domestic module producers of Turkey, was involved in Niğde SEPP project with its EPC services (engineering) and Smart Solar brand Phono Solar 375 Wp MonoPERC modules.
The Member of the Board of Directors and Business Development Director of Smart Energy, Borga Karagülle, underlining the importance of the new SEPP establishments in the development of the solar energy sector in Turkey, expressed that they are very pleased to be able to offer such products that have high efficiency to this type of projects. Karagülle said: “We, as Smart Energy, are very glad to announce the second major SEPP investment that we made in Niğde following Edikli SEPP which was commissioned a short while ago. We observe that the investment demand to the SEPP establishments which provide substantial advantages in the long run is increasing day by day. The fact that Aden-Bayen-Muges-Buges, being one of these valuable investor companies, preferred Smart Solar brand MonoPERC modules in its project indicates the tendency to the new generation modules.”.
Karagülle, stating that it is planned that the project will generate approximately 9 million 300 thousand electricity per year, shared the following information regarding Niğde SEPP: “It is planned that the plant will meet the electricity need of over 600 houses per year. The projects at similar scale had been realized in the region, but a project with uniaxial tracking system was realized for the first time in the region with Niğde SEPP. Niğde SEPP which was established with this technology supporting the resource independency as well as the affirmative environmental effects of the green energy will provide a substantial contribution to the national economy by taking precedence over the natural gas importation of approximately 450 thousand dollars per year. We consider that the engineering knowledge that we have plays an important role as well as the products used in such a large generation capacity. In addition to this, also our ability to make establishments with uniaxial tracking systems in which we have achieved remarkable expertise in the international projects is considerably effective.”.
Karagülle said the following in relation to their sense of value engineering and quality as Smart Energy: “We work with the sense of value engineering from production to installation for all of our processes to be carried out at optimum efficiency. We set forth our perspective enriching the sector by developing an engineering strategy that will make the triangle of performance, quality and cost perfect with this sense. We generate ‘value’ for the future. We, as Smart Energy, deal with the quality as a whole and perform all of our operations from module production to shipment with our sense of quality at high standards. We guarantee that our products and services will meet the expectation always at the same standards thanks to our sense of quality which is an outcome of our customer satisfaction-oriented approach.”.
Borga Karagülle, stating that they, as Smart Energy, carry out the largest and major projects of the solar energy sector and direct the dynamics of the sector with their investments, said: “We operate with our sense of solution partner in the establishments of the roof, floor and side SEPP projects under the leadership of our engineering and site teams which are experts in their fields. Our expert teams adopted as a principle to offer the most accurate, the most efficient system the feasibility of which is the most appropriate for our customers within the engineering and installation processes at all stages of planning, generation analysis calculations, application and connection of the power plant to the network in relation to the SEPP projects.”. 
Karagülle, emphasizing that the solar energy sector has shown a rapid growing success and has become an important investment within the recent period, continued by saying: “We, as Smart Energy, perform the production of the modules which will be able to meet all needs and expectations of the solar energy investors and maximize the efficiency while reducing the costs. Our modules that are produced at high standards with our policy of product quality and customer satisfaction are densely preferred by the domestic and foreign investors. Our MonoPERC solar modules exceeding all industrial standards and having international certificates are also an important option for the investors with their 25-year performance guarantee and white or completely black variants. With MonoPERC, being the most efficient link of the silicium-based cell technology, the modules provide high efficiency by reducing the effect of the unit temperature increase while ensuring that the photons entering into the cell eject more electrons. When it is considered that the temperatures on the module surface exceed 50 degrees also in the SEPPs in Niğde region, their effect as performance will be observed more clearly.”.

Karagülle completed his speech by saying: “Smart Energy will continue to share the entire experience and know-how that it has as a solar energy investor with all corporations willing to enter into this sector and to grow in this field.”.

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