January 2021
The Chairman of the Board of Smart Energy, Halil DEMİRDAĞ, stating that the solar energy sector made significant progress in Turkey despite all challenges that occurred in 2020, attracted the attention to the fact that they provided valuable contributions to both the decrease of the importation and the increase of the exportation. DEMİRDAĞ underlined that much larger projects will be carried out from the product sale to the engineering exportation with the support of the localization in the solar energy sector.

The Chairman of the Board of Smart Energy, Halil DEMİRDAĞ, declared that although the solar energy sector felt the hitches of Covid-19 outbreak as in all sectors, the sector is of great importance in terms of exportation at the current situation and Smart Energy carries on its investments accordingly.

DEMİRDAĞ, attracting the attention to the issue of origin when starting to his assessment, said “The cell is originated from the country where its metalizing is performed; in other words, the country of origin of a cell the metalizing of which is performed in China, is China. Accordingly, if the metalizing process of the cell is not performed in Turkey when we produce module in Turkey and export it, it is unfortunately not accepted as Turkish product in the international market even if we export module as that cell is accepted as Chinese cell. Consequently, the cell must be produced in our country.”.


DEMİRDAĞ, declaring that they, as Smart Energy, decided to make cell investment and commenced the operations in 2021, said “We are working on the localization of the cell on one side and on the localization of the other intermediate products used in the module production on the other side.” He expressed that when it comes to the solar energy, not only the cell, but also a large sector from all electrical systems to the SEPPs must be considered. He continued by saying “The electrical box that is used at the read glass, frame and module can be now produced by many producers in Turkey. Our sector can produce steel or aluminum carrier constructions as well as electrical components, cables, transformers, medium voltage switch materials. We know that the sector is at the final stage in terms of the inverter production as well.”.


DEMİRDAĞ, expressing that at the present situation, they can mention about a Turkey which can produce all equipment of the solar energy sector and perform their engineering processes, gave the following information in this regard “Turkey can now make ‘engineering exportation’. As you know, Turkey is one of the first 3 countries of the world in terms of contracting and we can show the same success also in the energy sector. Turkey had previously used to import all of the solar modules. Therefore, our first target is certainly to reduce importation. From this point of view, 70 percent of our sales are the sales which are considered as exportation. Accordingly, we are doing a business that prevents importation, we are producing a product that has never been produced in Turkey and we are establishing a sector.”.

DEMİRDAĞ, expressing that the Ministry of Energy tries to support the use of local products, said; “It is seen that the sector will grow much more in Turkey with these supports. Especially the incentives in exportation from China and Far East cause disadvantage for us in competition. With the elimination of this situation, the renewable energy market in Turkey will gain strength much more and the exportation capacity will increase.”.


DEMİRDAĞ, mentioning about the Green Deal which the European Union will put into practice, gave the following information: “In accordance with this agreement, Europe will impose restrictions on the products which are produced by fossil-originated electricity and will subject them to the carbon pricing. As the share of the electricity consumption based on the renewable energy resources, mainly the solar energy, in the total consumption increases, our exporters will be able to make sales to Europe more easily. The exporters in Turkey will be preferred instead of the competitors in a country where the carbon dioxide emission is high. The European importers will choose the product that is produced by green energy. The solar energy will occupy more place on the agenda of the exporters.”.


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