October 2020
Garanti BBVA Leasing and Smart Energy, which are the leading corporations of their own sectors, entered into a partnership agreement. By means of the protocol signed, Smart Energy will offer proper financing solutions for the projects the installation of which it will undertake.

Garanti BBVA Leasing, which is one of the leading companies of the leasing sector, and Smart Energy, which is one of the leading actors of the solar energy sector, entered into a substantial partnership. By means of the protocol which was signed between Garanti BBVA Leasing and Smart Energy, the investors will be provided with financing support at advantageous prices and terms.

The signing ceremony which was organized with the participation of the Managing Director of Garanti BBVA Leasing, Ünal Gökmen, and the Chairman of the Board of Smart Energy, Halil Demirdag, was held on 2 July Thursday. Halil Demirdag, making a statement following the ceremony, underlined that the ability of providing the financing opportunity in addition to the equity capital of the companies is of great importance from all aspects in the investments realized by the solar energy sector. Demirdağ, stating “This agreement that we entered into with our solution partner Garanti BBVA Leasing will return as national and sustainable contribution to both our sector and the national economy by its outcomes”, said “Our goal is a green future and we are pulling out all the stops for this. We are taking firm steps and gaining steam towards to the future together with our powerful partners such as Garanti BBVA Leasing.”


Demirdağ, stating that they can provide the customers with alternative financing support by means of their solution-oriented business processes, continued by saying: “One of the goals of Smart Energy, rendering service in a wide range from the panel production to the establishments of SEPPs in the solar energy sector, is to transfer its national and international experiences to new projects and to bring new investments in our country. From this perspective, we regard this partnership agreement entered into with Garanti BBVA Leasing as a very critical step. Smart Energy and Garanti BBVA Leasing will create substantial synergy for the sector by combining their specialties in their own fields. We are enthusiastic about transferring the experience of over 10 years that we have to brand new projects with our value engineering approach and the appropriate financing opportunities of Garanti BBVA Leasing. With this protocol that we signed, we will be able to offer proper financing support solutions for the projects the installation of which we will undertake. Our investors who are willing to make investment in solar energy will be able to receive support directly via both Smart Energy and Garanti BBVA Leasing. Thus, we will have provided an affirmative contribution to the development of the solar energy sector in Turkey.”.

The Managing Director of Garanti BBVA Leasing, Ünal Gökmen, on the other hand, said “We, Garanti BBVA Leasing, have been contributing to the development of the leasing sector for 30 years. We are now exhibiting our perspective in the renewable energy and our experience in the financing of solar energy power plant also in the projects of on-roof solar energy power plant. We will provide sustainable financing to the projects of Smart Energy, having substantial experiences with its identity as either investor or generator or installer in the solar energy sector, by the leasing method. While the investments of on-roof solar energy system are increasing with each passing day, we, as Garanti BBVA Leasing, are closely following the developments in the sector. By means of the partnership agreement that we entered into with Smart Energy, we will provide significant contribution to the sector and contribute to the investments’ becoming widespread. We are offering to the enterprises such opportunities that they can establish their own plants at which they will generate their own electricity with the payment schedules suitable for their cash flows instead of paying electricity invoice and we are creating sustainable financing solutions for all of our customers.”.

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