October 2020
The SEPP which was established in Niğde-Edikli region is being realized with Smart Solar brand panels

Smart Energy is carrying on with entering into significant partnership agreements to contribute to the development of the solar energy sector with the installation of new SEPPs.

In EDİKLİ SEPP project which was realized as licenced in Niğde-Edikli by Birleşim Group, Smart Solar brand new generation panels were preferred.

320 Wp MonoPERC panels used in Niğde-Edikli SEPP having a total installed capacity of 15.237,12 kWp will provide remarkable contribution to the region with high efficiency rate.

Smart Energy, which has become the solution partner of many domestic and foreign investors with the new generation panels that it produced, entered into one more substantial partnership agreement to provide contribution to the development of the solar energy sector in our country. Birleşim Group, which have achieved many prestigious projects by making investments in the fields of engineering, construction, mining, construction equipment and hotel management since its establishment, elected Smart Energy as its solution partner EDİKLİ GES Enerji A.S., which it established as licensed in Niğde and which is the first renewable energy investment.
Smart Energy, being the leading brand of the solar energy sector, participated in this project with its Smart Solar brand 320 Wp MonoPERC panels. With MonoPERC technology ensuring the achievement of high efficiency values by taking advantage of solar radiation at maximum level, Niğde-Edikli SEPP will meet significant amount of electricity need with its installed capacity.
The Member of the Board of Directors and the Business Development Director of Smart Energy, Borga Karagülle, underlining the importance of the new SEPP establishments for the development of solar energy sector in Turkey, expressed that they are very pleased to be able to offer their products with high efficiency to this type of projects. Karagulle gave the following information concerning such new cooperation: “Birlesim Grup, making investment in the nature and the future, preferred our Smart Solar brand MonoPERC panels in their projects. MonoPERC technology improves the irradiation in proximity of the rear surface and optimizes electron capture. Our panels produced with the high-performance MonoPERC cells provide extraordinary performance under the low radiation and high temperature conditions. We, as Smart Energy, are offering our MonoPERC solar panels exceeding all industrial standards and having international certificates to our investors with their white or fully black variants and the 25-year performance guarantee. These panels which we produce at high standards with our product quality and customer satisfaction policy are intensely preferred by the domestic and foreign investors. We share the experience and know-how that we have as the solar energy investor with all corporations which are willing to enter into this sector and to grow in this sector.”
Karagülle, expressing that solar energy has succeeded to grow in a short time and rapidly and has become an important investment trend within the recent period, commentated as follows in this regard: “The sun having the greatest renewable energy potential is coming to the fore as an energy resource also in our country as in the entire world. We observe that the investment demand for the SEPP establishments providing remarkable advantages in the long run is increasing with each passing day. While the investors are now making investment in solar energy in order to provide energy for their own companies, they are becoming more competitive in their own markets with these investments. We, as a solar energy investor, are tracking and supporting these developments. For us, making investment in the solar energy means making investment in the future. With this vision, we offer solutions to our investors in a wide range with our experience that we gained within the scope of our investments, our engineering services and our panel productions.”.


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