October 2020
Especially in the next 10 years, technological developments will be talked about much more.

Because technological developments have become a critical part of the energy industry. In this direction, solar energy investors are turning to storage and charging stations. We see that solar energy companies will open a new page in this sense and electric vehicles will play an important role in this process. The battery capacity of an electric vehicle goes up to 100 kilowatts. In 2030, more than 1 million electric vehicle in Turkey is expected to be used and this capacity can occur very quickly. Considering this figure, we can say that by 2030, 100 thousand megawatts of battery capacity will be created. Now the next step should be to be able to use these vehicles batteries to power the system back. If such a facility is created for batteries in vehicles, a new consumption area will emerge here.

The installed capacity of solar energy in the world has exceeded 500 thousand MW. In Turkey it reached 6 thousand MW. An important part of all these developments took place in the last 5 years. The only thing needed to invest in solar energy; see the sky. If you have the technology, you can generate electricity without being dependent on anyone. The cheapest energy among the existing resources is obtained from the sun. In the coming period, the sun will continue to shine and the installed power will continue to increase. Turkey started almost from scratch in the solar energy sector companies, will continue to grow with the support of the state and all other stakeholders.

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