October 2020
The Chairman of the Board of Smart Energy and GENSED, Halil DEMİRDAĞ, stated that the solar energy capacity increased by 78 percent within 3 years and reached to 6 GW in Turkey. DEMİRDAĞ, expressing that the sector plans an establishment of 1.5-2 GW in every year, said “We will reach to 15 GW which is Turkey’s target for the 100th year”.

The Chairman of the Solar Energy Industrialists and Industry Association (GENSED), Halil DEMİRDAĞ, drew the attention to the fact that the solar energy sector the history of which only dates back to 2014 in Turkey has exhibited a successful growing performance. DEMİRDAĞ, stating that the investments are increasingly ongoing in the sector which started to its operations with the installed capacity of 40 MW, said “Turkey has reached to the capacity of 6 GW in the solar energy sector and the installed capacity increased by 78 percent only within the last 3-year period”.

Halil DEMİRDAĞ, who is also acting in his capacity of investor in the sector as the Chairman of the Board of Smart Energy, commentated as follows: “Limited growing solar energy sector due to the reason that the existing licensed projects decreased and a few number of licensed projects were realized within the first half of 2019 was revived with the publication of the new unlicensed regulation covering the roof applications, the increases in the electricity tariffs and the additional 3-month period given to the unlicensed projects which expired within the second half of the year. The expectation of the sector for the new period is the continuation of the investments in the solar energy, the establishment of the solar energy power plants (SEPPs) with the installed capacity of 1.5-2 GW regularly in every year and the occurrence of a market that will ensure the continuity of this establishment capacity also within the upcoming years.”.

DEMİRDAĞ, expressing that the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources aims at reaching to the installed capacity of 1.000 MW in every year and of 10 thousand MW in total within 10 years and the sector is ready for this with its infrastructure and experience, said: “It has reached to the installed capacity of 5.894 MW as of November 2019. Given the fact that total installed capacity of Turkey was 91 thousand 269 MW and the total electricity generation was 22 billion 974 million 402 thousand MW at the end of November, the share of the solar energy is 6.45 percent in the installed capacity and 3.31 percent in the generation. Turkey is growing with the contributions of the companies, the government and all other shareholders in the solar energy sector in which it almost started from scratch.”.

DEMİRDAĞ, underlining the importance of Turkey’s generating its own energy from its own solar radiation by including its non-agricultural lands and the roofs of the factories, residences and companies into its economy in every place where it can see the sky, continued by saying: “Every move for the share of the solar energy in the total electricity generation in Turkey is necessary for the welfare of our country. Every investment made in the solar energy which is our local and national energy source will enrich the economy of Turkey. We consider that the new capacities should be opened and the SEPP investments should be supported. Thanks to the existing installed capacity, Turkey added the budget of 600 million dollars which it will spend for the imported natural gas into its economy. If it is considered that the solar systems have a life of approximately 30 years, this means that a saving of 18 billion dollars will be made and this sum will be added to the budget of Turkey. There is another important aspect which is the environment. A SEPP of 1 MW prevents the carbon dioxide emission at the rate equal to 500 thousand trees.”.
DEMİRDAĞ also underlined by saying “We aim at holding Solar Istanbul fair which will be organized at Istanbul Congress Center on 11-13 March 2020 for the first time as focused on the solar energy in line with our sector expectations.”.


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