October 2020
The Chairman of the Board of Smart Energy and GENSED (Solar Energy Industrialists and Industry Association), Halil DEMİRDAĞ, assessed the solar energy sector.

It is seen that the sector was revived with the publication of the new unlicensed regulation for the roofs and additional period of 120 days given to the unlicensed projects the connection agreement of which expired within the year of 2019. The tender specification for YEKA GES-3 (allocation of the installed capacity of 1000 MW in return for domestic good usage in approximately 40 provinces in parts of 10 MW) is expected to be published in a very short time.

It is foreseen that the total SEPP installed capacity will reach to 6.1 GW at the end of the year with the establishment of SEPP of approximately 1.100 MW in 2019. It is estimated that the target of establishing SEPP of 1.500 MW within the year of 2020 with the publication of the Hybrid Regulation (the regulation allowing the establishment of the generation power plants based on renewable energy within the licensed project sites) within the year of 2020, the elimination of the problems that occurred in the applications of the unlicensed roof applications and the necessary regulations to be made in the legislation for the need of the investors. The performance of YEKA GES-3 procurements within the first half of 2020 and YEKA GES-2 within the second half (allocation of the installed capacity of 1.000 MW in return for the domestic goods usage, namely 500 MW in Şanlıurfa, 200 MW in Hatay and 300 MW in Niğde) is included in the substantial expectations of the sector.

The increasing electricity prices, the decreasing SEPP investment costs and the developments in technology indicate very clearly that the establishment of SEPPs, mainly the roof applications, will increasingly continue in every field. In our association, the project was initiated with the participation of our 20 members within the scope of the P&D (Supporting the Development of International Competition) which is a support applied by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey for increasing the exportation of our country. The main purpose of the support is to ensure that the companies in the project group make export and to increase the operations providing foreign exchange earnings.

Taking into account the economic condition of the present day, the fluctuations in the foreign exchange rates and the constriction in the domestic market clearly indicate the importance of the operation of the sector for the foreign markets. In the P&D project, it is aimed at both evaluating the opportunities in the abroad and ensuring the increase of the inflow of foreign currency into our country by means of new international collaborations and the experience and achievement of our country in the field of solar energy will be clinched with the steps to be taken in abroad and will provide remarkable importance to the future of the sector.  

Solar İstanbul fair which will be organized in 2020 for the first time as focused on the solar energy in line with the sector expectations is also included in our objectives.

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